Castello di Mongiovino was born as an olive farm. There are approx. 6,000 olive trees on the estate, the most important varieties being frantoio, moraiolo and leccino. The olive mill is at the center of the farm overlooking Panicale. Once the harvest starts, (sometime between the end of October and the beginning of November), the olives picked each day are pressed immediately in order to ensure that the extra virgin oil produced is of the lowest possible acidity and that the oil’s perfumes and fragrances are maintained intact.

The oil pressing method itself is singular; called Baglioni from the name of the person who invented it, the press uses a system of hammers which mashes the olives and pits and creates a paste then stacked in a classic tower. Rather than using mats, however, the layers of fresh mash are separated by drier, harder layers of pomace, “sansa” in Italian, from the previous pressing. The result is that olives press olives with nothing unnatural in the process.

The pressing is done at 500 atmosphere, so that all the polyphenols in the olives are squeezed out along with a high level of vitamin E. The oil that is released is quite green, dense and fresh, almost like cream, we could say “buttery”.